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Jobs and the Economy

The most important voters,and to all Americans, is how to get people back to work. Families are still suffering trying to make ends meet. Poverty among Americans is at an all time high.Stores and businesses are still closing. Food banks and church resources are being overwhelmed on a daily basis.Government assistance programs have run out or have been scaled back.President Obama's economic stimulus which was not big enough is now running out of steam. Republicans in Congress  instead of trying to get Americans back to work have voted against and obstructed additional job programs in Congress in order to defeat a president.I cannot idly stand by and watch the country I love continue on this course.We have been in this Great Recession for 5 years now,which is more like a Depression in length and severity. I do not believe or share the view that we can cut our way to prosperity by cutting government spending.Herbert Hoover believed this and cut  federal  spending and balanced the budget his first two years in office.The result. The Depression got deeper.Banks and Businesses closed and Franklin Roosevelt was elected president.
Look at Greece today.The Greek government cut government spending and government workers dramatically. Unemployment in Greece is now 22 %.Businesses are closing their doors.Workers go to work and do not get payed.

Is this what we want for our children.Is this what we want for our families.Is this what we want for our Country.

Create Jobs by repairing and expanding the Infrastructure.

Example: Add more Free lanes to I-4. Not the Toll Lanes Congressman Mica supported and passed.

We need to upgrade our aging roads, bridges, rail and mass transit systems. Upgrade our water and broadband Internet.China spends 9% of its GDP on infrastructure, and Europe spends about 5% of GDP, while the US is spending 2.4% and looking for cuts.If elected I will support such a bill and a bill to repair our schools, modernize them and increase NASA's budget to get Americans back into space and back to work.

Bring Jobs Back to the U.S.

Remove all tax incentives for companies who outsource jobs, and provide tax incentives for companies who bring them back to the US. Increase import tariffs and renegotiate existing trade agreements that have put American workers at a disadvantage to rebuild American Manufacturing and the jobs it creates.

Help Businesses Create Jobs.

Small businesses are the engine of job creation responsible for two out of every three new jobs in the United States.I support giving Businesses with less than 100 employees a 20% cut in taxes for 2012 and 2013 and will push and support  additional tax incentives for Businesses to hire and keep new employees.This will help local restaurants,barber shops, Salons, plumbers,electricians, builders, hotels and daycare centers ,in our communities to keep their doors open and expand services and hiring. We need to create new job training programs to retrain workers whose industries have closed and gone overseas. We can get America moving again.

Jobs First...Deficit Reduction Later

I pledge to you I will not support any major cut in federal spending until the unemployment rate drops below 6 %. Housing inventories drop to pre recession levels and house values are no longer under water.

Increase The Minimum Wage                

The last time the minimum buy fifa 14 coins wage was increased was 2009 to $7.25 an hour. Since then the cost of living has increased 3 % a year. Congress should increase the minimum wage. I will support a gradual increase of the minimum wage up to $10.00 an hour.


The way out of the Great Recession is to get families out of apartments and back into single family homes. Housing must lead the way out as it always has for the recovery to be permanent.I will release a Plan in Late September to do just that.

Social Security and Medicare

I believe and support Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations of Americans. Social Security was almost broke in the 1980’s and adjustments were made then to repair it. Congress needs to take steps today to strengthen it and protect it for future generations. I will oppose any attempts to end those programs as we know them, specifically by handing Medicare over to an HMO system and putting Social Security at risk in the stock market.           




The United States needs to once again go back into space and lead the world in space exploration. At the end of World War II we brought German and American scientist together to create the Mercury and Apollo space programs. These programs not only created new technologies and got us to the moon but created products and jobs we now enjoy today.We need to do the same today.We have scientists who are developing new propulsion systems that can take Americans to Mars in 39 days and to other planets in our solar system.I will work to bring these elements together and to properly fund NASA to accomplish the great things space exploration promises.




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